Olam Early Adventures
Infant/Toddler Program



                             Many Montessori schools have initiated infant/toddler classes for children 3 months – two years. The classroom is simpler and slower paced than the classroom for three to six-year olds. Tables and chairs are smaller and the teacher-child ratio is lower.

Olam Early Adventures Infant/Toddler program offers very young children a unique year of development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding, respect and support. Of fundamental importance is the gradual separation of each child from his or her primary caretakers. The Montessori toddler program protects this fragile stage of development by creating a gentle and slow parting of each adult-child couple. As the toddler gradually become comfortable and transition in their new environment they learn to trust the teachers and the other children around them.

Simple sensorial activities are use in the classroom so the toddlers use all their senses—indeed their whole bodies—to explore everything around them. The toddler program also appropriately accommodates the very young child’s sensitive period for language by offering creative and intriguing concepts to expand their growing vocabularies. Joining conversations, listening to stories, and learning songs all nurture their budding language skills.

Many of the activities in this program highlight the skills that lead to independence. Since this is an age of very strong imitation, the teachers constantly model appropriate social and language skills. Through song, music, sign language the children have access to a variety of activities that offer them opportunities for gross motor skills. This freedom in a safe space is crucial to our program.

The habits and skills which children develop in a Montessori class are good for a lifetime. In our stimulating environment children learn to explore and discover. These adventures are just the beginning!