Hebrew and Judaics

“חנך לנער על פי דרכו גם כי יזקין לא יסור ממנה׃”

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” 
Proverbs 22:6

The children learn each week the parshas hashavua and explore the yom tovim through the year with art activities, role playing and puppets. Olam Jewish Montessori’s mission is to incorporate Jewish teachings into our curriculum to plant the seed of a more cultured and fulfilled child.

Hebrew Language

From a young age, even before they become literate, children learn to recognize their world, explain their actions and describe their experiences in narratives. By integrating another language, especially one of great cultural importance, it allows for that narrative to occur in a more complex way. A child’s literacy in multiple languages has a multitude of benefits; including boosting the child’s critical thinking skills, ability to multitask, vocabulary, concentration and self-esteem. Adoption of a multi-sensory, Montessori child-centered approach means taking into account that children differ from one another in their linguistic levels, their capabilities, learning styles, strengths and challenges.

Hebrew is an integral part of Jewish culture. It connects us to Israel, to the Torah, to other Jewish texts and to people around the world. At Olam Jewish Montessori Early Childhood Center, we weave Hebrew into our everyday lives, helping children become comfortable with the language. Using the Montessori approach, children are exposed to Hebrew letters and words unique to their stage of development. 

The child’s ability to undertake and comprehend the Hebrew Language comes as they progress through the years. By reading stories, dancing to Israeli music, learning to recognize and read the Hebrew alphabet, children become engaged in fun and meaningful ways to their development and to their Jewish Identity. As the children become progressively more familiar and comfortable hearing, understanding and responding in Hebrew, it becomes a more natural part of their thought process and learning. Engaging children in Hebrew language early will fundamentally give them the beauty of our heritage.


Kids in Action