Founded as the first Jewish Montessori preschool of Orange County, California, the Olam community has pledged to provide Jewish youth from the entire Jewish community a hands-on educational environment that allows our students the freedom and guidance to fall in love with learning, Judaism, friends, and the possibility of what they can achieve.

The Olam community is comprised of students, veteran educators, parents, volunteers, donors, and community agencies. We work in partnership to honor the long-standing tradition of our Judaic community, while integrating secular innovative programming, and to preserve the unique natural setting of the Montessori classroom.

Olam Jewish Montessori is part of a worldwide Montessori community who believe that all children have an inherent passion for learning, and that teachers have a unique opportunity to fuel that passion into a lifelong pursuit. Integrating the Montessori educational philosophy and weaving the rich cloth of our Judaic heritage, children learn how to celebrate and observe the Jewish holidays, increase Hebrew language skills, understand the meaning of mitzvot and middot. The word Olam in Hebrew means world, which is derived from the root “alam” meaning hidden or concealed.  Together as your partner we will strive to motivate your child to unlock that hidden potential within him or her and create a warm, caring and loving community.

The results of recognizing children’s inherent strengths and developmental needs, and meeting those needs in carefully designed classroom environments, are students who not only achieve academic excellence, but also students whose creative thinking and self-direction have been nurtured and truly prepare them to meet any future challenge or pursuit with confidence.Because we cannot predict the skills needed for tomorrow, it is important that our children know how to learn and adapt; we want them to have the ability to analyze, synthesize, and utilize information. The world is rapidly changing. As populations increase, resources become increasingly limited. We are more closely connected and interdependent than ever before in history. Social literacy – understanding, respecting, and being connected to others – is more important than ever. The future leaders and innovators, the citizens of tomorrow, need to be prepared with a “new” set of skills.