Hebrew Language

JLife Orange County

From a young age, even before they become literate, children learn to recognize their world, explain their actions and describe their experiences in narratives. They invent stories about themselves and their surroundings, and put these events in a structure that is often found in the narrative genre.

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Olam Montessori Offers Hands-on Approach to Jewish and Secular Learning

KosherOC Magazine

The Olam Jewish Montessori at Beth Jacob certainly lives up to its name. “Olam” means world in Hebrew, and the families at the preschool come from six continents. Ahavat Olam (love for the world) and Ahavat Yisrael (love for the Jewish community and Israel) are integral to the learning process.

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A Garden of Blessings

Jlife Orange County

When we have our snack time with the children at Olam Jewish Montessori, we ask them “what is the bracha, or blessing, that we say on this food?” We ask the children where does this food grow? On a tree (Ha’etz)? In the ground (Ha’adama)?

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Preschool combines Jewish curriculum, Montessori method

LA Jewish Journal

At a table in the corner of Olam Jewish Montessori’s oversized classroom, a flour-covered 4-year-old chats nonstop as he mixes dough for challah. In another part of the room, a 3-year-old boy counts colorful Chanukah candles in Hebrew as he slowly places them in a menorah. A teacher is showing a third child a map of Paris while he toys with a model Eiffel Tower in his hands.

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New Montessori preschool opens in Irvine

Orange County Register
Step into the classroom at the new Olam Jewish Montessori Preschool, located at the Beth Jacob Congregation on Michelson, and you immediately understand that this is a place where early childhood learning is taken seriously.

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Jewish Montessori

Orange County Jewish Weekly

After three months and countless e-mail exchanges, my new friend Jim (who lives near the beach in Santa Barbara) informed me that he would steal away from his intense, two-day marketing seminar outside Manhattan so we could finally meet in person over dinner.  Although it was our first face-to-face meeting, we were quickly chatting like old friends. Early in our conversation, Jim (who is a Christian pastor) described his deep respect for Jewish tradition, because it was so child-centered.

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